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How To Marketing Magazine June 2010

The How To Marketing Magazine features free marketing and sales articles and resources for small business owners. We are serving the Small Business, Retail, Restaurant, Non Profit, Real Estate, MLM or Direct Sales sectors. The articles included in this issue include: Marketing Tips And Tricks Marketing Is A Team Sport Do I Need Internet Marketing? How to Really Get Noticed on Facebook Your Brochure is a Sales Letter Social Media and Email … [Read More...]

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social media for small business is one of the most effective ways of marketing your small business. If you have not checked out this new marketing channel yet, it is time to take a peek! Using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has brought back good old fashioned networking to the small business world. Not since old times has word of mouth marketing had such an impact on what people buy. There was a great article about this trust factor … [Read More...]

Free Marketing – Social Networking

Want to learn social networking the easy way? Check out our social networking video classes that walks you through social networking from setup to handy dandy tools to make your life easier! Social networking is the new free marketing thing that everyone is talking about! It is an amazing opportunity for small business marketers to get the word out about their business AND get leads from interested people. Here are three great reasons to use … [Read More...]

Email Marketing

How to Do Email Marketing

What exactly is email marketing? This is sending your marketing message to targeted customers as well as existing ones in the form of an email. Marketing collateral that can be suited for this idea may come in the form of an invitation, great industry information, newsletters, a direct mailer, a … [Read More...]